The National University of Science and Technology International Conference for Pure and Applied Sciences (NUSTPAS)
The National University of Science and Technology International Conference for Pure and Applied Sciences (NUSTPAS) will be held in NUST University, Dhi-qar, Iraq on 1-2 June, 2022. NUSTPAS organized by NUST University (NUST), Statistical and Informatics Consultation Center (SICC), Dijla Co. Pvt. Ltd (Dijla). NUSTPAS Aims to bring together all aspects and research works in scientific platform to disscusse the latest and new trends in topics covered under broad areas such as (but not limited to) Nuclear, plasma and theoretical physics, Materials physics, materials analysis and characterization, Astronomy, Geology, Biology, Computer, Biotechnology, Physics, Remote sensing and GIS Sciences and technologies can be shared, Communications, Vacuum science, Technology and Applications. The conference is co-published by AIP Conference Proceedings.
NUSTPAS invites researchers and postgraduate students to an open forum where advanced in the area of Physics and Applied Sciences can be shared.

NUSTPAS will feature a comprehensive technical program including fair number of workshops , symposia and exhibition on Physics and Applied Sciences.
AIP Conference Proceedings

AIP Conference Proceedings

 Accepted Papers in NUSTPAS conference will be published in AIP Conference Proceedings. AIP has been a trusted publishing partner for more than 40 years, delivering fast, affordable, and versatile publishing for maximum exposure of your meeting’s key research. Our conference proceedings program reports the findings presented at scientific meetings from large international conferences to small specialist workshops. Subject areas span the physical sciences, including physics, math, chemistry, materials science, and engineering.  AIP Conference Proceedings ISSN: 0094-243X, 1551-7616. AIP Indexed in leading databases — Web of Science, Scopus, Inspec and Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), Astrophysics Data System (ADS)


NUSTPAS Wellcomes submissions of Full length Papers, Special Sessions and Worshop Proposal based on the Following Rounds:
Groups(Lecturers / researchers / students / Foreigners).


   :  20  Jan.     2022
ACCEPTANCE DEADLINE DATE    :   10  May     2022
THE CAMERA READY DEADLINE  :   15  May     2022


REGISTERATION STARTED      :  10 February  2022
REGISTERATION DEADLINE    :  10 May          2022

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Publication in Other Journals

Other Selected Papers will process for publication in one of the following journals,

Clarification, Some of our Extended Papers and Other Sessions Papers will Submitted for Possible Publication in the Following Journals and Series with the cooperation of our External Partners through their Events, Conferences, and Publication opportunities.

  1. Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics, ISSN: 0972- 0502, SJR link, Scopus Link, Journal Link.
  2.  Journal of Discrete Mathematical Sciences and Cryptography, ISSN: 0972-0529, SJR link, Scopus Link, Journal Link.
  3. Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences, ISSN: 0252-2667, WOS (ESCI) link, Journal Link.
  4.  Journal of Statistics and Management Systems, ISSN: 0972-0510, WOS (ESCI) link, Journal Link
  5. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, ISSN: 2367-3370, 2367-3389 , Scopus Link, Series Link
  6. Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results, ISSN: 2229-7723 | 0976-9234, Scopus LinkJournal Link
  7. Sport TK, ISSN: 2254-4070, 2340-8812, Scopus LinkJournal Link
  8. Journal of Population Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology, ISSN: 1198-581X, 1710-6222, Scopus Link,  Journal Link.


NUST University
NUST University Conference Organizer
FICC Syndicate
FICC Syndicate Conference Organizer
SICC Center
SICC Center Conference Co-organizer
DIJLA Pvt. Ltd.
DIJLA Pvt. Ltd.Conference Co-organizer

Conference Sponsors and Partners

Thi-Qar University
College of Engineering
Agricultural Asso.
Iraqi Ministry of Health
Engineering Syndicate
Thi-Qar Trade
UNIDO Syndicate
FICC Syndicate

About The National University of Science and Technology

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr. Zdzislaw Polkowski
Prof. Dr. Zdzislaw PolkowskiPoland
WSG University, Bydgoszcz, Poland
Prof. Dr. Soumi Dutta
Prof. Dr. Soumi DuttaIndia
Institute of Engineering & Management (IEM), India
Prof. Dr. Adriana Schiopoiu
Prof. Dr. Adriana Schiopoiu Romania
University of Craiova, Romania

Honorary Conference Chairs

Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Luaibi Al-Rubaie
Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Luaibi Al-Rubaie
President of the National University of Science and Technology
Dr. Salam Jumaah Hammad
Dr. Salam Jumaah Hammad
Head of Scientific Affairs Department at NUST University
Prof. Galib Alwan Al-qaisi
Prof. Galib Alwan Al-qaisi
NUST University
Prof. Dr. Ehsan H. AL-TIMIMI
Prof. Dr. Ehsan H. AL-TIMIMI
Chair of Scientific Committee, NUST University
Mr. Abdul_Razaq Al_Zuhairy
Mr. Abdul_Razaq Al_Zuhairy
Chair of Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce
Prof. Dr. Farouk Mohammed Saqr
Prof. Dr. Farouk Mohammed Saqr
College of Pharmacy, NUST University
Assist Prof. Dr. Mohamed Sabar Al-lami
Assist Prof. Dr. Mohamed Sabar Al-lami
Chair of the Organizing Committee, NUST University
Prof. Dr. Falah Hassan Shari
Prof. Dr. Falah Hassan Shari
Dean of College of Dentistry, Basrah University
Assist Prof. Dr. Lamia M. Saeed
Assist Prof. Dr. Lamia M. Saeed
Dean of College of Dentistry , NUST University

Conference Coordinators

MSc. Mohammed Ayad Alkhafaji
MSc. Mohammed Ayad Alkhafaji
Coordinator and Supervising Director
A. Prof. Dr. Ahmed J. Obaid
A. Prof. Dr. Ahmed J. Obaid
Conference Coordinator

International Advisory Committee

Assoc. Prof. Muhammet Tahir Guneser
Assoc. Prof. Muhammet Tahir GuneserTurkey
Prof. Dr. Pardeep Kumar
Prof. Dr. Pardeep KumarPakistan
Prof. Dr. Muthmainnah, S.
Prof. Dr. Muthmainnah, S.Indonesia
 Assist. Prof. Cihat Şeker
Assist. Prof. Cihat ŞekerTurkey
Prof. Dr. Ihtiram Raza Khan
Prof. Dr. Ihtiram Raza KhanIndia
A. Prof. Dr. Bharat Bhushan
A. Prof. Dr. Bharat BhushanIndia
A. Prof. Hüseyin Şerif SAVCI
A. Prof. Hüseyin Şerif SAVCITurkey
Prof. Dr Kamran Yeganegi
Prof. Dr Kamran YeganegiIran
Prof. Dr. Stezhko Nadiia
Prof. Dr. Stezhko NadiiaUkrain

Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee

  • 1. Prof. Dr. Ihsan H. AL-TIMIMI
  • 2. Prof. Dr. Batoul Amin Jadoua
  • 3. Assist Prof. Dr. Lamia M. Saeed
  • 4. Assist Prof. Dr. Suad Yousif Aldorkee
  • 5. Prof. Galib Alwan Al-qaisi
  • 6. Prof. Dr. Falah Hassan Shari

Scientific Committee

  • 7. Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Sawadi Abdullah
  • 8. Assist Prof. Dr. Firas Fadhil Alwan
  • 9. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Sakr
  • 10. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Nagy Abd
  • 11. Prof. Dr. Nihad Abdel Latif
  • 12. Assist Prof. Dr. Ahmed J. Obaid

Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee

  • 1. Assist Prof. Dr. Mohammed Sabar Al-lami
  • 2. Prof. Dr. Samir Saadoun Al-Jubouri
  • 3. Assist Prof. Dr. Ahmed J. Obaid
  • 4. Assist Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abu Al-Enein
  • 5. Assist Prof. Dr. Tariq Muhammad Hassan
  • 6. Dr. Salam Jumaah Hammad
  • 7. Dr. Ahmed Nasser Faisal
  • 8. Dr. Kadhim Abbas Jabbar
  • 9. Dr. Khansaa A. Hussein

Organizing Committee

  • 10. Dr. Maithm A. Obaid
  • 11. Dr. Ashraf Mohammed Shareef
  • 12. MSc. Mohammed Ayad Alkhafaji
  • 13. MSc. Sarmad Jaafar Naser
  • 14. MSc. Sajjad Ali Ettyem
  • 15. MSc. Ahmed Kareem Alzeyadi
  • 16. MSc. Ahmed R. Hassan
  • 17. MSc. Mazin R. AL-Hameed
  • 18. MSc. Ahmed Abdel- Kadhim Saleh

Conference Topics

NUSTPAS-2022 Welcomes Submissions on Original Contributions are solicited on topics covered under broad areas such as (but not limited to):

NUSTPAS-Scientific Committee

Registration Plans

Full Paper Participation
$150Facilities of Full papers submission
  • 2 Day Access to Conference Venue
  • Session Access for Discussion
  • Conference Participation Certificate
  • Conference Award from Organizer
  • Thankful Letter from Organizers
Attendance || Visitor
$50Facilities of Attendance and Visitors
  • 2 Day Access to Conference Venue
  • No Workshop Access
  • Session Access As Visitor
  • Attendance Certificate
  • Coffee Break Access

Conference Venue

Welcome to The National University of Science and Technology

NUST reside in the oldest historical City on the World

The National University of Science and Technology

NUST in Dhi-Qar Added to the World Heritage List

UR Castel, The Oldest Place on the World

Our Conference Venue in April 10-11, 2022
About The National University of Science and Technology
It is a private university located in the city of Nasiriyah in Iraq It is private university located in Dhi Qar Governorate, a foundation license based on the provisions of Article (5) Clause I of the Private Universities and Colleges Law No. (13) for the year 1996 as amended and according to the Cabinet General Secretariat No.
(GHZ / 10/1/8/14930) on 5/5/2014 and accordingly, the Ministry of Higher Education granted a foundation license according to Ministerial Order No. (TEA / 3630) on 11/30/2015 The university includes the following colleges: College of Dentistry College of Pharmacy College of Nursing The bnuiuhyu degrees and advanced competencies. Thus, the university is considered one of the sober scientific edifices in the country.
The National University of Science and Technology has an area of about 7700 square meters and green areas of about 1,500 square meters
The number of laboratories is 28, 3 clinics, and 43 classrooms.
It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of the National University of Science and Technology, which was established in 2015 in Dhi Qar Governorate located in southern Iraq and is the cradle of Sumerian civilization. The university has set its sights on building the student’s personality, providing him with knowledge and skills, and promoting the spirit of research, creativity, and noble human values, all through Refining the student’s personality because it is an effective and influential element in a fast and constantly renewed world. The university is keen to communicate with the sober Iraqi, Arab and international universities in all scientific axes in pursuit of excellence and access and reach the ranks of those universities.
The university is keen to achieve educational outcomes with the needs of the labor market, which demands a high degree of distinction and creativity linked to the student’s desire for education to take its role in developing and adhering to international quality standards and keeping pace with the industrial, medical and cognitive revolution and the requirements of artificial intelligence to graduate creative students familiar with modern technologies.

The university consists of the following colleges:
College of Dentistry
College of Pharmacy
College of Medical Laboratories
College of Nursing
Technical College of Engineering

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